Galaxy S9 with Dedicate mobile application displayed on screen, including line chart, statistics, time graph, and running stop watch for riding a bike
  • Track experiments
  • Build charts & statistics
  • Make adjustments
  • Maximize performance
  • Dedicate yourself.
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Dedicate is a scientific tool used to track time-based experiments. You could utilize this application to track all sorts of data, including fitness training & diet progress, client appointments & invoices, scuba diving sessions, traveling experiences, public polls, clinical trials, personal checklists, and thousands of other kinds of data sets. It's ultimately up to you to define your experiments and structure your data!
Creating a new task and defining input fields for the task

Create Tasks

and use them to record events
  • Categorize your tasks
  • Add custom input fields to
    track personalized data
  • Use various data types
    such as numbers, currency, text,
    lists, yes/no, 5 star rating,
    location, & URL links
Recording an event that includes custom input fields used to capture user-defined data

Record Events

using the tasks you've created
Building a new chart using two data sources to display two lines in a chart

Build Charts

and get insight on your experiments
  • Choose from many types of charts
  • Use data sources from various tasks
    to find correlation between data sets
  • Use date offsets to compare data from
    previous days, weeks, months, or years
Building a new check list using tasks to define items in the list

Create Check Lists

and further dedicate yourself
  • Use conditions to determine
    when the task will be completed
  • Set tasks to be completed on
    a daily basis, weekly, monthly,
    quarterly, or yearly as well
Building lists

Define Lists

and use them as input fields
  • Reuse the same lists across tasks
  • Search for specific list items
  • Add new items while recording events
  • Use lists for various types of data
    such as customer names, products & services,
    employee names, shirt sizes & color options,
    current mood, & music genres for example
Managing multiple databases

Manage Databases

to track multiple experiments
  • Export your database in JSON format
  • Import databases from other devices
  • Keep your data private and secure
    on your personal device
  • No signup or login required to
    access your databases!

Select a Theme

to customize your experience